June 17, 2024

Principles and Practices of Management

Concept of Management: Definition, Nature, and scope, and overall view of Management,
Relation with other social sciences and industry.

Evolution of Management thought:
(A) Classical Theory of Management.
(Al) Bureaucracy- Introduced by Max Weber.  

(A 2) Scientific Management – F.W. Taylor and his followers.

(A 3) Process/Administrative Management – H. Fayol and others.

(B) Neoclassical Theory of Management.
(Bl) Human Relations – B.E. Mayo and Roethlisberger
(B2) Behavioral Science approach – By D. McGregor, A. Maslow & others.
(C) Modern Management theories: Peter Drucker.

Management Functions: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling.

Executive Functions: Production, Marketing, Finance, Personnel.

Planning: Concept, Nature, Importance, Objectives, Policies, Procedure, Strategies and
Method of Decision Making

Organization: Definition, Theories of Organization, Forms of organization, Formal and
Informal Organization, Types of Formal Organizations, Departmentation, Line and Staff
Relationship, Span of Management, Authority, Responsibility, Delegation, Centralization,
Decentralization, Committees.

Staffing: Selection, Recruitment, Training, Development and Welfare

Directing: Leadership and Supervision, Motivation and Communication

Controlling: The Elements, Process and style of Control, Techniques of control. Social
Responsibility of business

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