June 17, 2024

Performance Management system – PMS

Definition of performance Management, 2. The performance management
contribution, 3. Aims and role of Performance Management, 4. Characteristics of a
PMS/Appraisal systems, 5. Performance management process, 6. Trends in PMS

  1. What is Performance.
  2. Behavioral implications
  3. Goal setting at work
  4. Characteristics of Effective Goals
  5. Increasing work motivation and task performance.
  6. Reducing Role stress Conflict and ambiguity.
  7. Improving Performance Evaluation
  1. Essentials of Performance Management.
  2. Actual and measured performance.
  3. Performance feedback: A communication challenge
  4. Performance and Kelley’s Attribution theory.

A-PMS and Strategic Planning.-
-Strategic Planning and PMS in an Organization
-Methodology of setting Targets
-HRM and strategy Management

B-Knowledge, Learning and Performance
-Relationship between Organizational Culture and Performance
-HR strategy and performance Planning
-Organisational developments and feedback

C- Evaluation and control.
-Balance score card
-Budget and Budgetary control
-Ratio Analysis


  1. Methods of Measuring Performances: Traditional, Behavioral and Result
  2. System of Performance Appraisal
  3. Appraisal Interview
  4. Problems of Performance Appraisal

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