June 17, 2024

Human Resource Planning (HR Specialization Area)

Human Resources planning: Definition, purposes, processes: 

HRP Method-  Forecasting  the demand  -Workforce Analysis,  Workload  Analysis, Job Analysis, Supply Forecasting-Markov Analysis, .Skills Inventory, Replacement Chart.

Recruitment  – Definition,  Constraints and Challenges, sources of  Recruitment-external and internal sources, Third Party Methods-employment Exchanges, Gate Hiring and Contractor. Unsolicited Applicants, Internet Recruiting 

Methods of Recruitment  –  Promotion and transfer,  Job posting,  Employee Referrals  Campus Recruitment, Advertisement 

Selection  –  Definition, Purpose,  Process  –Reception,  Screening Interviews,  Application Blank, Selection Tests, Selection Interview,  Medical Examination, Reference Checks, Hiring Decision 

Training  – Concept, Identification of training need, Objectives of training. A systematic Approach to training, Benefits or Importance of Training, Difference between Training and  Development, Methods of Training programme-On the job training and off the job  Training Evaluation of Training Programme.

Training Design, Process & Evaluation : Understanding & Developing the Objectives of  Training, Considerations in Designing Effective Training Programs Process of Training  programme, Failure of training programme 

Evaluation of Training Programme:  Evaluation of Training Programme.  Methods of Evaluation, Selection of a Suitable Method 

 Development-  Concept, Importance,  Steps in Organization Development  Programme

Management Development  programme -Decision  – making skills in basket, business games, case study).  Interpersonal skills (Role play,  Sensitivity  training  Behavior Modeling), Job knowledge (Coaching. Understudy),  Organizational  knowledge  (Job  rotation, Multiple Management).  Selection of a Suitable  method.

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