July 23, 2024

What is Behaviour?

What is behavior?

Behavior is made of word behave means “act or conduct oneself in a specified or certain way.”

Behave is made of be+have means “bear onself in a particular way”.

Behaviour is the way in which someone or something behaves

Behavior is aggregate of the responses or reaction or movement made by organism or individual or group to an action, environment, person or stimulus in any situation.

Overt and Covert behavior.

Overt means “out in the open” easily observable and measurable. Overt behaviour is any bodily action that persons can directly and sensorily observe. Some examples of overt behaviour include walking, dancing, running, using body language such as hand gestures and facial expressions.

Covert means hidden not easily or immediately observable measurable. Covert behaviour is any mental, social, or physical action or practice that is not immediately observable. Some examples of covert behaviour include deception and lying, systemic discriminatory practices against certain social groups, and political candidates omitting important information to make their case seem strong.


 An organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department.  

A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals.

So  Organisational behaviour is systematic study of human beahviour both overt and covert at work place to understand analyse and prediction of behabour to channelize  utilize and manage the people in order to achieve predetermined organizational goal.

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